Monday, July 18, 2011

Projects ahead...

Ahoy!  We are moving and I am very very excited to actually be committed to the same house for more than a year.  The house we are currently in was a short term house from the get-go so I never painted or
or thought to deeply about how I wanted the place to work.  Although we are not laying down permanent roots just yet, I am excited about this slightly long term plan.  I finally hopped on the Pinterest train and love how well it can organize my decor ideas.  I am not naturally talented in this department (I offer pretty much all of my past posts as evidence of this fact), but I know what I like.  So here is a taste of some posts to come.  Perhaps you more talented ladies can point me in the right direction paint and materials wise.

So the first room I'd like to work on is the living room.  It's got a great fireplace and is fairly small so it won't need a lot.
The current--apparently avantgarde-- tenant put his dining table in the living room but we'll go the traditional route.

Here's some room ideas I've liked.

Grey and White with pops of yellow...

  I also like the colors in these guys!

Any favorites?   I love input!