Thursday, July 23, 2009


I saw these wire name hangers on Etsy and decided to make them for the girls. And what can I say, I HEART wire.

Anyway, I whipped Ev's together in about half an hour. Awesome. But then I got to Joph's and realized that I was going to have to squeeze in several more letters. Unfortunately, it was a little too squeezed and the first "Josephine" hanger attempt was scrapped.

This is a photo of the "Light at the End of the Tunnel" stage on the second Joph hanger. (You know, when your project is almost finished and there is very little for you to possibly screw up.)

And here is the finished product. I am really proud of the dot over the "i". It lends a little attitude, don't you think?

Saturday, July 18, 2009


We're living with my parents for the summer to save a buck until Britton starts work in the fall. Since we are already taking advantage of their generosity, why not take advantage of their old furniture too? In a desperate search to become more adult-like Britton and I bought a new couch and chair from Macys.
The brown couch and white chair on left.Not my dream set...but neutral is the name of the game when we're moving around a lot.
Being currently jobless, we definitely can't afford a coffee table or any other new things for that matter so I was able to refinish some old furniture from the rent's basement. I'm not usually one to go for black, but I thought it looked more adult-like. Added some new hardware and voila.
I forgot to take a before of this one...but it was ugly. It's hard to see but the hardware is green.I have big plans for my Grandma's 1950's metal card table and folding chairs, but that will have to wait until we move to Detroit.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Little Inspiration

Molly, this is a great idea!  I have some many projects looming in my head and half finished projects that I have been wanting to put on my blog, but Jimmy keeps taking priority.... little stinker.  My sister and I love doing this kind of stuff, but she is actually pretty good about posting things on her blog.  She also know all the best websites and blogs to look at.  I will invite her to contribute.  She just sent me an awesome list that some girl compiled of all sorts of great projects from all over the web.  So my first contribution is going to be this link:  
It will take you to a list with a ton of other links that have the projects on them.  Maybe we can all pick one and show how they turned out.  I haven't looked at all of them, but for now I am going to go with the felt donuts.  I have a lot of fake food projects in the works and well... I love donuts. Good luck to all.

Hey Gals....

I wanted to start this blog so that we can all pile our creative inquiries, projects, thoughts, etc. together. For a few years now I've been in a cycle of hearing from one person about another person's awesome project...and then MAYBE talking to that person about their project like a year later. I thought it would be a good idea instead to see the projects, be inspired, and have all the info in one spot so we can return to it when we need it (or actually find the time to do it)! I want to see your awesomeness incarnate. If you know any other people who would be interested, invite them to add their creative genius.