Monday, August 31, 2009

Kathleen's Krazy Krafts: The First Installment

I wasn't going to post this, because aesthetically this is lame. However, our family is all about good times and who doesn't love fishing? I had a bunch of scraps of fabric that I wanted to get rid of and got this idea from these cute identical twins from India who could do almost anything including recite every single song on Taylor Swift's Fearless Album from memory.


What you need:

Scrapes of fabric that you cut into the shape of fish. Get creative people. Toile Fish are so in!

Beans. As I am writing this I am thinking that you shouldn't use beans. I think they make the fish too heavy and you need the fish to be light enough for the magnet to be "caught" by your pole.

Sew the fabric together inside out, leave the tail open, fold the fabric to the right side out. Then you fill with a few beans (or no beans), two of these magnets:

Sew up the tail. Then find a stick, some yarn, a little more fabric, and two or three magnets for the fishing pole:

It might keep the kiddies quiet for a little while before they start using the fishing pole as a sword or something.


Julie said...

I am so doing this once October arrives and it's too cold to go outside.

Mary Weisse said...

I think Jimmy would love this Kathleen, so thanks for just embrassing you Ghettoness as you usually do. I am thinking rice inside the bags or maybe just stuffing? Any other suggestions? Also, I pretty sure the stick will be turned into a sword the second I give it to him. We had to put his golf club up on the shelf permanently.