Sunday, August 23, 2009

Simple preschool

I don't have any creative crafts, yet, but I think this blog will really inspire me! My little project this summer has been creating preschool activities for Jacob. I was actually having a hard time coming up with something I really liked until I came across this little book: Teaching Montessori in the Home: The Preschool Years. I had wanted something that would really be on his level, but not just workbooks full of ABCs and 123s. I wanted something that would capture the attention of a very active 3 year old. This book is a simple read with tons of activities laid out in detail to make it easy for a parent. It is for ages 1 1/2- 5. At the end of the book the author gives details on how to make the materials for many of the activities. It's great for tight budget. Most things can be made from things you already have around the house or can buy for a few dollars. So I have spent a few weeks preparing some of the activities and Jacob started using them. He loves it and is just soaking up everything! I'm amazed at how quickly he's learning letters, numbers, shapes, sorting etc. When I tried to do these things my own way it just wasn't working, but he really just gets these activities.

Here are a few of the things I have made:

Sandpaper letters. Made with black sandpaper on poster board. They feel the sandpaper as they learn the initial sound of the letters and it prepares them for writing.

Number Rods. They are used for learning to count and eventually the concept of adding and subtracting.
Busy Board. This is used to help with their fine motor skills. They learn how to button and unbotton, zip, tie bows, lace a shoe, snap, hook and eye.

Now you can keep your kiddos busy so you have more time for crafts.


stongies said...

Whoa. That's awesome! I want to use Montessori with Chloe too...this will give me a jump start!

MKO said...

Great Ideas. I don't know if it was the same book, but I saw some of those ideas in another Montessori book. I am homeschooling preschool as well and your post is motivating me to get started!!! September is approaching!

Alissa said...

I have been wanting to do sandpaper letters but I was a little overwhelmed by the project. Did it take you forever? Was it difficult? They look awesome.

Julie said...

Thank you Mary! I have been unmotivated as far as formalizing my education plan with Ana. This looks like a perfect way to get started.

Mary said...

Thanks, girls!

No, Alissa, the sandpaper letters really weren't as hard as they looked. I did it an evening, with Luke's help though....I just glued copies of the letters to the back of the sandpaper and then cut them.