Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bacon and Eggs

I have been feeling guilty that I haven't posted a real project on here yet (Although not quite as guilty as Katie Pryor seems to feel).  I made these a while ago and had been meaning to post them on here, but just couldn't make it a priority.  Today, I needed a break from my real job, so I decided to finally post them while Jimmy is taking a nap.  These probably one of Jimmy's current favorite toys.  I was actually quite proud of myself for coming up with it, but at the same time, it just seems so obvious.  Jimmy loved playing with his Easter Eggs after Easter.  He would put tiny little toys in them and try to close them (which I usually had to help with).  I got kind of sick of having his basket in our living room around June, so I put them in an old egg carton and decided to make felt eggs to put inside each one. And well, if you are going to make eggs, you need bacon too.  Everyone needs bacon.  

The eggs are just white and yellow felt with a little stuffing. I used some fiber fill coming out of a hole in a pillow before I sewed the pillow closed, but you can use cotton balls.  I have often thought that I should use the lint from the dryer for some craft project such as this.  Is that kosher? (Please post your opinions).  I hand stitched them, so it was super easy.  The bacon I did on the sewing machine so it was a little bit trickier, but not too hard.  I used the only three colors of brown felt that they sell at Michaels.  I used the middle toned one as the base and then just made some uneven stips of the other two colors and carefully stitched along those.  Then after I was done sewing them on and just pulled on them a lot to make them more wonky like bacon really is.  Then I like to fold them up so they get those nice curves like bacon.  I have considered making my next batch double sided.  Jimmy watched me make one, so now he asks for bacon whenever he looks at my sewing machine.  I don't know if he is asking for the real thing or another fake one... He loves both.  For more pictures of him enjoying them, check out my blog Here.
UP NEXT: Donuts 


stongies said...

As a bacon expert I have to say....these rock! I may steal your idea and try to make a bunch of felt food!

Mary Weisse said...

Its not stealing because I shared it! Plus I knew you would probably be the biggest fan of these since you are the biggest fan of Bacon I know besides me and Zach.

Adele said...

Mary, those are sooo cool. I can't wait to make some too.