Thursday, May 13, 2010

Found Things: Part One

A string of very minor medical incidents has left us our family on a tight budget. It's been especially frustrating because I haven't been able to buy any supplies for the billions of sewing expeditions I have already begun in my head.

But the lack of funds have provided me with new visions of how to re-purpose items we already have in our house. It's sort of become a stimulating mental challenge for me.

Part One: The tin can----ister.
In an attempt to become ever-more financially savvy, I've started to set up a home office area in our ever-so-tiny bedroom. We used to have bills 'here', the computer 'there' and the file box 'somewhere else.'

But all we needed still was something to hold our little office odds and ends. So while whipping up a fresh marinara, I realized I could re-purpose the crushed tomato cans into something a bit more beautiful - using the scraps of this U.S. map paper I got from my all-time favorite paper store in Ann Arbor, MI.

I originally used the map in its entirety in my daughter's basement play area, then recently chopped it up to hang it here...over our couch.

Feels good to make something new without spending a dime.


Mary Weisse said...

Looks cute! I have a big stack of maps I have been saving to do something clever with. You inspire me!

Renee said...

Cool Im going to make this since Homeschool is fixing to start up :)
I also linked this over at my blog...