Friday, May 7, 2010

A month of sewing

A friend of mine had twins in January and I am finally getting around to sending gifts for her older and younger children. I apologize in advance for the mess in the pictures but we are moving tomorrow and my apartment is in shambles.

Here is a blurry side shot of the bonnet for the five year old girl.

Here is the front.

This bonnet is for the girl twin. It took FOREVER to draft a pattern for it but I couldn't find a pattern I liked on the internet. I have used this one and would recommend it, it just wasn't quite what I was looking for for this bonnet. I also looked at this one.

I never thought of myself as a mom who would put a bonnet on her kids but I just found some great fabric and will be making some for my girls too.
This cap is for the 3 year old boy. It was super easy and I found the pattern here. Anyone could put this together in 2 hours or so.
This play mat is for the boy twin. Circles are a pain in the ass.
This fabric is the backing. I had been looking for a reason to buy it for a year or so and scrapped my previous gift idea just to use it.
And here is my longest labor of love. My nephew's T-shirt quilt.


Kathleen said...

Can you give some lessons this summer? Seriously.

Julie said...

I would love to! I don't have much to tech but I'm here to share. It's what I do.

motherhood unedited said...

wow! That first bonnet I LOVE the colors! If I had a girl she would so be wearing one of those. But alas I don't so I am going to shamelessly beg to know where you got that pattern for the hat for the boy... (I do have one of those! :P)

and p.s. good choice on the blanket backing fabric.

stongies said...

love the fabric choices! you've been a busy bee!

Julie said...

Here is the link to the boy's cap. There are a few out there, I just googled "newsboy cap" and sifted through what came up.

Adele said...

You are really impressive, Julie. I wish that I could get some lessons too!