Saturday, July 18, 2009


We're living with my parents for the summer to save a buck until Britton starts work in the fall. Since we are already taking advantage of their generosity, why not take advantage of their old furniture too? In a desperate search to become more adult-like Britton and I bought a new couch and chair from Macys.
The brown couch and white chair on left.Not my dream set...but neutral is the name of the game when we're moving around a lot.
Being currently jobless, we definitely can't afford a coffee table or any other new things for that matter so I was able to refinish some old furniture from the rent's basement. I'm not usually one to go for black, but I thought it looked more adult-like. Added some new hardware and voila.
I forgot to take a before of this one...but it was ugly. It's hard to see but the hardware is green.I have big plans for my Grandma's 1950's metal card table and folding chairs, but that will have to wait until we move to Detroit.


MKO said...

Those look great Molly! I have a question, did you use primer first? and how much sanding is necessary. Last time I did this I sanded but did not prime and I think it turned out a little less "finished".

stongies said...

I did a little light of the lightest sandpaper weights...and used gray primer for the black tables and white primer for the yellow table. I finished off with a coat of clear for purposes of sealing the pieces but it ruined one of the table tops and I'm not happy about caused some bubbling.

Alissa said...

Moll- these look really great. I am finally going to get cracking on my own refinishing projects. I'll keep you all posted.

Adele said...

Great work, Molly! I especially love the piece with the green hardware.