Tuesday, January 5, 2010

design cheater

Well in light of Molly's ridiculously awesome Chloester dress, I'm really wishing my first post was about some fabulous sewn creation, but sadly I'm not at that point yet...so, I won't pretend.

This post is about glue.

A few months ago I posted some recent cheats on apartment therapy concerning my love for fabri-tac (the best fabric glue in america...and probably anywhere else), but I'm going to post a more in depth version here.

First up, the pillow cheat:

Our beloved sofa came with very blah pillows:
And at the time I didn't have access to a sewing machine and wasn't patient(sadly, that part still hasn't changed ;) but I did have two 12"x12" squares of bare tree sheer fabric that I rescued from the trash can at the textile fiorm where I was working.
First, I removed the pillow inners from the existing pillow case.

Then, I very carefully and precisely (kidding, kidding) folded a 1 inch crease on each edge and squeezed fabritac on it. I repeated until all folded in edges were covered with a thin line of glueThen, I carefully turned the fabric over and placed it glue side down on top of the existing pillow cover. I pressed one edge at a time, making sure I lined the gluey edge perfectly with the crease where the piping meets the rest of the pillow, so that it looks like it's sewn on (and NOT glued)
I waited for the pillow cover to dry (about an hour), then put the pillow insert back into the case--new pillow!

I'm happy to report that after 4 months they're still looking just fine.

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stongies said...

ever since I saw your article on A.T. I've been trying think of something that needs glue-ing. Hopefully soon!