Saturday, January 16, 2010

The $1.50 skirt...

I was walking by a store that had squares of fabric for 50 cents each.  I used three to make a skirt.

I found a wrap skirt pattern here that seemed simple.
But I had completely forgotten from my childhood in the 90s how awkward wrap skirts can be. It just felt like at any moment the skirt was going to fall down to her ankles.


So I lined up the wrap skirts two sides up so that right side of the skirt's fabric is facing in and sewed the skirt only to where the two sides of the skirt's ribbon tie come out of the looped waist.  This way you can still tighten the waist as need be with the ribbon tie.  The result is a "pouffy" skirt with a cute tie.  No awkwardness.  (Therefore if you use the website's pattern, you don't have to make the button hole. )


stongies said...

love the refinements... c is the cutest... tell her i said so :)

Julie said...

Cute! I may have to try this too.