Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Measure twice, cut once

OK, I am way too impatient for quilting. A group of women here get together every week to make quilts for the homeless shelter and I was feeling ambitious so I offered to take some fabric home and do a quilt top. I totally ruined it. It was supposed to looks something like this.

I cut the fabric wrong and to cover it up I had to do this.

I hope the kid who gets this quilt isn't prone to seizures because it has so much going on it hurts my head. What should have taken two to three hours took twelve. So always check your math.

This however took three hours total from cutting the fabric to quilting it. Relatively quick and easy baby gift and I got to use leftover fabric from a quilt I made for a Christmas gift.

I hope I haven't scared you off quilting. When is one of you going to take the plunge and make a nice cozy quilt?

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Catherine said...

Jules...Felix LOVES the quilt you made him...he plays on it for hours, well minutes alone before his bro shimmies on to "play" with him...brothers! ANyways, it amazes me that it only took 3 hrs...you are amazing!