Thursday, February 18, 2010

more valentines

Since Molly shared her valentine creations I thought I would share a few of mine as well. I found tons of vintage valentine images online (I posted a list on my blog HERE). Mostly I just printed them all on cardstock and them cut them out and Jimmy gave them to everyone in the family. I took pictures of a few of the ones I did a little something extra to.

I just stuck all of these ones on my bulletin board with some other non-valentine things, but it was the easiest way to take a picture of them all at once. The one in the bottom left I found at an estate sale and it is the only real vintage valentine in the bunch. It says, "To Betty From Hermie" which I thought was great. I couldn't really part with it so I guess it was my valentine to myself.


stongies said...

i absolutely love this idea! i really highly dislike modern valentines... I mean..who thinks spongebob's underwear is cute?!!!

Kay Pea said...

HAhAHAHHAHA...Molly, that's hilarious. I personally found the Twilight Valentine's incredibly distasteful.