Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not the most exciting post....

but a post nonetheless.
Here are the new alphabet knobs (1/2 price at Hobby Lobby) I put on our butt-ugly dressers in an attempt to make them bearable. I hope to give them a paint job this summer --- any color suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


After...minutely less ugly

Also - here is some of the rest of the room --- I have such a hard time decorating knowing that we are only here temporarily and come 2o11 we'll be headed for our 7th move in only 4 years of marriage. Ugh. So, while completely unfinished, unframed, unorganized...it's better than looking at blank walls!

I'm also starting a dusty little collection of black lacquer boxes.


Kathleen said...

Very inspiring! I need to do something with our bedroom, because I've been told it looks like a dorm room in a seminary! I'm not knocking the seminary look, but I should probably make it homier.

The Third Floor Birds said...

Molly, I am envious of your creativity. If I sent you pictures of the two rooms that Joe and I use, you would laugh. I do not envy your 7 moves in 4 years, though - you are a rock star.

Julie said...

I love your room. Whenever I see your decor I am both inspired and dejected by my lack of initiative. I want to go garage-saling with you and have some of your talent rub off on me.

How is Britton with your process? Does he let you do what you want?

Leah Moss said...

MOlly- You have the most beautiful style! Your bedroom is so peaceful and happy. I love the unframed look too.